Some books for language teachers

This post is to share to qualified students who will become language teachers or pedagogues plus language teachers who want to upgrade their profession. Personally, I think these books are enough for me to understand the rudiments and provide sufficient fundamental knowledge, from which I can start my teaching career.


1. Techniques and Principles in Language Teaching 3rd Edition of Diane Larsen-Freeman and Marti Anderson

“This is an updated third edition of our popular introduction to language teaching methodology, which describes different methods and approaches in language teaching. Clear and jargon-free, it provides practical step-by-step guidance for new teachers, and introduces more experienced teachers to new approaches and teaching ideas. Includes a new chapter on the use of digital technology.” – Amazon.


2.  Teaching English as a second language Michelle Maxom

“Learn to:

Put an EFL course program together from scratch
Let your students loose in skills classes – from reading to listening
Deliver grammar lessons in a logical and intuitive way
Cope with different age groups and capabilities
Your one-stop guide to a career that will take you places

If you thought that teaching a language that’s second nature to you would be easy, think again! Explaining grammar, or teaching correct pronunciation while simultaneously developing your own skills as a teacher can be a huge challenge. Whether you’re on a training course or have already started teaching, this book will help launch your career and give you the confidence and expertise you need to be a brilliant teacher.” – Amazon.



3. Essential teaching skillChris Kyriacou

“Nick named ‘The Bible’ at my University, this book has a comprehensive index and contents page. It also has a wonderful ability to link in with whatever assignment on education that you are set. It is jargon free, with subtitles and bullet points that let you gather information at a glance. The down side is that it is perhaps more geared towards secondary teaching rather than primary, nevertheless it is one of the only books that I won’t be selling when I graduate. ” – Amazon.


4. Teaching English language learners through technology Tony Erben

“In Teaching English Language Learners through Technology, the authors explore the use of computers/technology as a pedagogical tool to aid in the appropriate instruction of ELLs across all content areas. The special focus of this book is on the informed use of various technologies and software programs that can specifically aid ELLs. Strategies are also provided for varying levels of access–whether teachers teach in a one computer classroom, have access to multiple computers, or have the ability to go into a computer lab at their school. A fully annotated list of web and print resources completes the volume, making this a valuable reference to help teachers harness the power of computer-assisted technologies in meeting the challenges of including all learners in effective instruction.” – Amazon.


5. How to draw

Since sketching is a valuable skill of a great teacher and if you are not good at it, this book can help. A picture is worth a thousand word.

See you on the top.

Thành tựu không đến từ sự thờ ơ, mộng ảo và ý chí cùn mà đến từ bàn tay, khối óc luôn miệt mài tranh đấu với thời gian.

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