English Language Teaching – Methods and Approaches

This post contains the overviews of all the methods and approaches of English language teaching. Teachers can refer to them in order to get a strong foundation or recall the teaching knowledge they had studied then apply them again in their teaching. Things are changing fast nowadays, so as a good teacher, we should continually be updated.

Here they are, all videos are shared from CLIL EFL Bethlemitas

1. Grammar-Translation Method

2. The Direct Method

3. Audiolingual Method

4. Silent Way

5. Suggestopedia

6. Community Language Learning

7. Natural Approach

9. Communicative Language Teaching


10. Action-Oriented Approach

11. Units of Action


12. Teaching for Understanding


Stay up to date, teachers!

Thành tựu không đến từ sự thờ ơ, mộng ảo và ý chí cùn mà đến từ bàn tay, khối óc luôn miệt mài tranh đấu với thời gian.

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